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At Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning, we believe that education is extremely important. What you don’t know or understand CAN hurt you! Knowing what you need, and why, is critical to building and maintaining a solid Estate Plan that is effective for you, your wishes and your family. Now we are pleased to be sharing all of our resources and articles with you through our website on many topics that effect our aging population! Browse away, share with friends and family and as always, if you have more questions, we are only a phone call or email away! Enjoy!

Helpful Resources

All of the material below has been compiled and/or written by members of our staff led by Dana Vouga, our resident Certified Senior Advisor.  As a Certified Senior Advisor, Dana is extremely knowledgeable in the issues facing older adults and is trained to maintain the highest ethical standards. CLICK HERE to learn more.

What is Elder Law?

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Helpful Webinars

Introduction to Estate Planning

Whether you know absolutely nothing about Estate Planning or are simply looking to brush up on your knowledge, Dana does an amazing job in this webinar explaining the basic principles of Estate Planning and why it is so critical to get your “Ducks in a Row.”

Don’t Go Broke In A Nursing Home

We have seen and heard about far too many people loosing everything they have after they or a loved one enters a nursing home. It doesn’t have to happen to you.  Watch this video to learn the ugly secret nursing homes won’t tell you and how to protect your assets.

More Great Videos

We are always adding more content to our YouTube channel to make sure you have as much information at your fingertips as possible.  Here are a few great videos on Estate Planning.

What is Long Term Care?

An introduction to the various types of long term care available to residents of Missouri.

How to Pay for Long Term Care

Regardless of which type of long term care you opt for, figuring out a way to pay for it is always a challenge.

Do I Need a Will?

The simple answer in YES.  Find out why in this quick video.

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