Estate Planning

“Getting Your Ducks in a Row”

We think we have all the time in the world to get our ducks in a row. The honest truth: we have no idea how much time we have. It is in our best interest to have a plan in place for when we die – or worse – if we don't die but are unable to care for ourselves. Get started today!

Preparing an Estate Plan is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.  When done properly, an Estate Plan can give your family a road map for health care decisions and treatments and eliminates the need for them to guess what you would want.  You will also be able to decide who will handle your financial affairs if you can’t and when and to whom your assets will be given.

Many people believe Estate Planning is only for the “old” or the “rich.”  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  As we age, our legal needs change, just like our housing, financial and medical needs do.

Turning 18

When we turn 18, we legally become an adult and no one can make financial or health care decisions for us without giving them written legal permission to do so.  This is done through a Durable Power of Attorney.  Additionally, a HIPAA Release gives medical providers permission to talk to the people who will make decisions if we can’t.

Life-Changing Events

When we get married, start a family or purchase a house, it is a great time to have a Revocable Living Trust prepared.  A Revocable Living Trust avoids the Probate process upon your passing and will help protect your family in the event of an untimely passing.  It will also make it easier for your family to step in and help as you age.  It is important to note that a Revocable Living Trust will NOT Protect Your Assets.

Retirement or Illness

When you retire or if you are diagnosed with a Life-Limiting Illness, it is time to think about protecting your assets against the costs of long-term care, creditors and predators. An asset protection trust can also help you qualify for Veterans “Aid & Attendance” Benefits. Veterans benefits help pay for high, unreimbursed medical costs for a Veteran (or surviving spouse) who served during a period of war, and meet other criteria.

Life is complicated.  It simply isn’t enough to tell your doctor or family what you want.  People hear and remember things differently.  The law says it must be in writing.  Don’t leave your family guessing or feeling guilty.  Do the right thing and put an Estate Plan in place.

Key Components of an Estate Plan:

Durable Powers of Attorney & HIPAA Releases

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions

  • HIPAA Releases

Last Will and Testament

  • Allows you to decide who will be in charge of your Probate Estate (Personal Representative) and who will inherit your assets.

  • MUST go through Probate.

Revocable Living Trust

  • Avoids probate.

  • Makes life easier for your family to step in and help with finances during your lifetime.

  • DOES NOT protect assets.

Asset Protection Trust

  • Avoids Probate.
  • Protects assets (after Medicaid look back period) from nursing home costs.
  • Protects against creditors and predators.

Introduction to

Estate Planning

Whether you know absolutely nothing about Estate Planning or are simply looking to brush up on your knowledge, Dana does an amazing job in this webinar explaining the basic principles of Estate Planning and why it is so critical to get your “Ducks in a Row.”

Our experience and approach is intended to give you peace of mind and allow you to maximize the time you have with your loved one. Every situation is unique, but our process most often progresses as follows: 

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  • Current estate plan documents that are already in place
  • Creating new estate plan documents if needed
  • Long Term Care Options
  • Ways to Pay For Long Term Care

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