All of us here at VEL and our families are well, no COVID-19, but we are all staying safe at home.  We will alert everyone when we are open for in person meetings other than signing of documents, which we hold in the office following CDC and St. Louis County guidance.  Meanwhile, please send any questions you may have to Kym Zeitler at or Rick Vouga at or leave a phone message at 636-394-0009.  Whether leaving a message in voice mail or sending an email, please include your full name, phone number, and email address.  Kym and Rick will respond as soon as they are able. Kym will also be scheduling phone calls with those who ask for one. Stay safe!!


Elder Law & Estate Planning


What Brought You Here Today?

I Want More Information On Estate Planning or Protecting My Assets

  • I want to choose who will make health care decisions and handle my finances if I can’t

  • Does a Will avoid Probate?

  • Do I want to avoid Probate?

  • I want to protect my assets and house against the devastating cost of nursing home care

  • Does my Revocable Living Trust protect my assets?

  • I want to make things easy for my family


I've Been Told I Should See An Elder Law Firm
Or I Have A Loved One With Health Or Memory Issues Who Needs Help, Or Will Soon

  • I don’t know how much longer my loved one can live alone.
  • My loved one was diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other life limiting disease.
  • I want to get a Guardianship for my loved one.
  • My loved one doesn’t think they need help at home, but they do.
  • I’m worried my loved one will need nursing home care.
  • The assisted living facility says my loved one can’t live there anymore. What do I do?
  • The hospital says my loved one is being discharged but can’t go back to where they were living.
  • Rehab said my loved one will get kicked off Medicare in 2 days, but isn’t well enough to go home. What do I do?


I Have A Loved One With Special Needs

  • Should I disinherit my son or daughter with special needs?
  • How can I leave money to my grandchild (of other family member) with special needs?
  • Are there government benefits available for someone with special needs?
  • How do I financially provide for my child with special needs after I die?
  • I have a newborn with special needs. Where do I start?


I Recently Had A Loved One Pass Away

  • I don’t know if they had a Will. What do I do?
  • I found a Will. What do I do?
  • I found a Revocable Living Trust. What do I do?
  • How do I get the house, assets or car transferred to me?


I Don't Know
Help Me!

  • I don’t think my loved one should be driving.
  • I’m overwhelmed taking care of an aging loved one and don’t know where to start.
  • Is it a problem to pay a friend to care for my loved one?
  • I’m moving an aging loved one into my house. What do I need to know?
  • I want to start giving money to my kids every year.


Our Clients Say It Best

What stands out for me in this experience the most? "Professionalism, competent and caring counseling to sustain our family going forward."

C.K.Family Member of Client

What I expected was "The clock ticking and the lawyer fees adding up, minute by minute, cold calculated and generic." What I got was "a set price for services rendered. A free conference to discuss our issues; a time to decide if we wanted to move forward with the agreement. A warm, caring, personal touch, environment." What stands out or me in this experience the most is "the hour of Dana's time for a conference regarding our issues. All of our questions were answered in such an unhurried manner. We appreciate being charged based on what you believed was a reasonable cost for the amount of work that was done. We appreciate the professionalism balanced with a personal touch. We will recommend your office to friends in need."


What I expected was "what I got, I expected a well-planned Will and Trust for my aunt, the greatest service I could have wanted."

K. I.Client

What stands out the most for me was "I believe Rick knows what he is doing and getting us in our planning in accordance with our wishes and desires."

J. O.Client

What stands out for me from this experience the most is "How patient you all were with my mother who is very difficult to work with at this time."

P.F.Family Member of Client

All the staff is very professional, while at the same time very caring and understanding of individual needs. We were guided in a very competent manner. And COOKIES!!

D. & J. CClient

"My wife and I felt the service to us was personal and not just boiler plate from some computerized forms. Professional experience and confidence in the services I was provided."

D. W.Client

What stands out for me from this experience the most is "The knowledge and expertise of Rick and confidence in his plans for handling my assets to dispose to my family and heirs upon my death or incompetency. You have given me peace regarding what lies ahead for my future."

J. H.Client

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