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Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning believes one of our greatest responsibilities is to educate people on topics of importance regarding estate planning, Veterans Benefits, issues relating to seniors and Medicaid. We take that responsibility very seriously and take every opportunity to share information with the public. Feel free to listen to our past radio appearances below for valuable information on a variety of topics.

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February 17, 2019 – The Importance of Keeping Your Documents Fresh (Starting at 12:55)

Once you have an estate plan in place, it is extremely important to review it at least every five years or if there is a major change in your life. Just like your housing, medical, and financial needs change as you age, so do your legal needs.

January 20, 2019 – Resolutions and getting your “ducks in a row” with Estate Planning (Starting at 10:40)

Every year millions of people start the new year with resolutions and things they want to change or do differently for upcoming year.  One of the biggest resolutions people over look is their estate planning needs.  Even if you have had your documents done for years, we recommend reviewing them every 5 years.  Listen as Rick and Bob talk about why estate planning documents should always be a part of your yearly resolutions.

December 16, 2018 – Closely watching loved one as you visit for the holidays (Starting at 13:50)

Are you worried about your loved one and how aging is affecting them? Rick and Bob discuss what to look for when you visit them. Sometimes it’s the little things that you don’t pay attention to that show signs off issues that are happening around your loved one.


November 18, 2018 – Wills and Trusts (Starting at 11:52)

Rick and Bob discuss the difference between Wills and Trusts and which one avoids Probate.


October 18, 2018 – Changes to Veterans Benefits (Starting at 14:35)

Are you a Veteran or a Surviving Spouse of a Veteran? Join Rick and Bob as they discuss the changes that are being implemented to Veterans Benefits and how they are going to cost you benefits if you don’t have the right documents prepared now!


September 16, 2018 – Estate Planning 101: Starting at age 18 through your golden years (Starting at: 17:48)

Dana discusses with Bob how your legal needs change as you age. Starting at age 18 when you become a legal adult all the way through starting a family, retirement and as you age and need more care.


August 19, 2018 – Estate Planning for College Bound Students (Starting at 12:50)

Once a person turns 18 they are a legal adult, which means even though you might be helping your child pay for college or they are still in your home, once they turn 18 it doesnt matter, you are no longer allowed to make medical decisions for them. Dana discusses with Bob the details of what kind of documents they need before the head off to college. Don’t forget to add this to your college checklist!


January 21, 2018 – Resolve to get your “ducks in a row” (starting at 25:26)

As another year starts over we all stop to think of what you want to do better or differently this year. Rick and Bob discuss why estate planning should be one of your resolutions. Even if documents have already been prepared we recommend a review of documents every 5 years or if any major life changes happen.


December 10, 2017 – What to look for when visiting aging family members

Rick and Bob discuss what types of warning signs you should be watching for when you visit aging family members.  Whether it be a holiday or just a visit, learning the signs to watch for makes it easier to intervene before your loved one has a crisis.


November 19, 2017 – Alzheimer’s Disease (Starting at 11:48)

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month. Join Rick and Bob as they talk about the latest statistics and the upcoming workshop we are having at our office.


October 15, 2017 – Reduce Stress with Estate Planning (Starting at 11:30)

Nobody wakes up and thinks they will have a stroke or accident today. Most people don’t realize how much they need their estate planning documents done once you are in a situation where you need them. Planning now will make sure that when you have an accident or medical emergency your family will only have to focus on you and getting your recovered and not about whether a doctor will talk to them or not, join Rick as he discusses with Bob what documents you should have readily available when you are in a crisis.



September 10, 2017 – Customized Estate Planning (Starting at 16:35)

Join Rick as he explains to Bob what how customizing your estate planning needs is crucial especially as you age.


July 16, 2017 – It Takes A Village (Starting at 13:57)

Have you ever heard “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well the same thing can be said when you are talking about caring for a senior. Age you age your financial needs and housing needs change but most people don’t think about there legal needs change as well. Join Rick and Bob as they discuss why legal needs change as you age.


June 25, 2017 (Starting at 24:00)

This week Dana is joining Bob to talk about Seniors and Medications. They talk about prescriptions, supplements, over the counter medications and the possible misuse and interactions.


May 21, 2017 – Elder Law Month (Starting at 9:17)

Join Rick and Bob as they discuss what Elder Law is and why it needs to be a priority in your life!


April 2, 2017 – Identity Theft (Starting at 9:00)

Identity Theft can happen to anyone! Listen to Dana and Bob discuss and give tips on you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

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