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What Makes Us Different

The answer is simple…

Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning was established in 2009 by Rick and Dana Vouga.  Rick has been practicing law since 1975, but in 2009 he and his wife, Dana, decided it was time to focus on Elder Law and Estate Planning.  After learning the hard way in the 90’s with Dana’s grandmother on how Medicaid effects the elder population, they knew and understood what families go through and decided to take a stand and focus the practice on Elder Law, Veterans and those who have a family member with Special Needs.

Veterans have always held a special place in their hearts. Rick’s father and uncle both fought in World War II in the Navy and Army respectfully.  There is a little known benefit that helps Veterans and their surviving spouses help pay for high un-reimbursed medical expenses.  We believe Veterans and their surviving spouses deserve every benefit they are entitled to.

We also assist families who have a loved one with a disability.  Rick and Dana’s 2nd daughter, Catherine, was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, Williams Syndrome, at 3 months of age.  People with Williams Syndrome look similar to each other, like people who have Downs Syndrome look similar to one another.  People with Williams Syndrome typically have heart conditions, fine and gross motor problems and are mentally retarded. When Catherine was 18, she was also diagnosed as being Bi-Polar, a form of mental illness.

Our office not only provides comprehensive legal services, but also bridges the gap between legal services and the personal experience and understanding of long term care, Veterans benefits, Medicaid Planning, and Special Needs benefits and services.  Our goal is to provide all of our clients and their families with an individualized plan to protect their assets for their quality of life and quality of care.

At Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning we understand the emotional and practical problems involved in traveling the Elder Care Journey.  We go beyond the traditional legal framework of estate planning and provide real, hands-on solutions to our client’s and their family’s needs.

All of our staff possess a wealth of knowledge and compassion needed to solve difficult problems, but most of all, everyone at Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning, are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and grandchildren who know and understand the complexity and anxiety associated with handling the care and treatment of aging loved ones, and those with Special Needs.

Dana is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Elder Law Paralegal.  She works tirelessly with our clients to provide and implement the best plan for the family.  There are many goals that she can help you obtain including, staying at home instead of moving into a nursing home, obtaining Medicaid benefits, in-home care options, Veterans benefits, supporting caregivers, protecting a caregiver child and addressing many other concerns brought about by elder care and concerns with a loved one who has a disability.

With the support of our staff, Rick and Dana will make sure all of your “ducks are in a row” for you and your family.  Our firm also offers a FREE, no-obligation, initial conference to you and any family member who you would like to attend, we can even do conference calls if needed.

At least twice monthly we offer workshops that give you information on what you or your loved one’s Elder Care Journey will look like and help guide you into knowing if there are decisions you know you want to make and pitfalls you want to avoid.

Our Resource Center is also available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. and is open to the public. The information available is on all aspects of elder care, Veterans Benefits, special needs planning, and estate planning.  In addition, there is information on Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and   Multiple Sclerosis, as well as general  information for seniors, adult children and their loved ones.

We look forward to getting to know each of our clients and their families as they become part of our family.  We want you to know there is help out there, and we are committed to being your trustworthy guide through your Elder Care Journey!