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The Elder Care Journey

The Elder Care Journey

The Healthy Senior:

  • It is very important to update your estate plan documents while you are healthy, and before any dementia, or memory issues start, or you are diagnosed with a debilitating illness.  As we age, our healthcare needs, financial needs and legal needs change.  Estate plans should be kept up to date for a maximum protection of you, your family, and your assets.  When you are a healthy senior is the time to seek the advice of an elder care attorney.

  • If the senior has a loved one with special needs, now is the time to establish a special needs trust.  Without working with a qualified elder law attorney, your loved one could end up losing government benefits.

  • If you don’t have Long Term Care Insurance or it is a “use it or loose it” policy, now is the time to look at exciting new options to pay for long term care.

  • Medicare, private health insurance or a Medicare supplement pay for health care and prescriptions.

  • We commend every 5 years to have your looked at by an Elder Law Attorney.

The Declining Senior:

  • If you receiving in-home care, show signs of cognitive decline or dementia, or if you move to an assisted living community, it is imperative that you seek immediate advice from an elder law attorney to ensure your quality of life and quality of care.

  • There may be TAX FREE Veterans benefits that can help a wartime.  Veteran, or the surviving spouse of a wartime Veteran to pay for high, un-reimbursed medical expenses.

  • Long term care insurance is still available to help with costs, but the option decreases with age.

The Fragile Senior:

  • There are very few ways to pay for skilled nursing care (a nursing home).  With the average cost of a nursing home totaling $90,000 a year on average, very few people can afford to private pay for very long without going broke.

  • Without the advice and assistance of a knowledgeable elder law attorney, your family may spend more money on skilled nursing care than is necessary.  Even if your loved one is in a nursing home, it may still be possible to protect some of your assets from the devastating cost of long term care.

Estate Administration and Survivor Care:

  • Once a loved one passes, there may be many options available to make sure assets are passed on to family in a timely manner while minimizing tax consequences.  The guidance of an elder law attorney can make this experience much less confusing and complicated.

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