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Dana Vouga, Certified Senior Advisor and Elder Law Paralegal, speaks to our community on a regular basis on various Elder Law and long term care topics, that affect Seniors Veterans, those with Special Needs and their families. Our presentations inform adult children and seniors about Long Term Care and Elder Law, something they probably know very little about, but could cost them THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars.

Did you know:

  • 70% of people age 65 and older will need some type of long term care?
  • The average cost of a nursing home in our area is $8,000 a month!
  • That 88% of life insurance policies never pay out a death benefit?
  • There may still be opportunities to get long term care insurance, even if the person has been turned down?
  • A husband and wife can’t automatically make health care decisions for each other?
  • That not all Power of Attorneys are “created equal”?

Talk to your group about their estate plan.  Do they have a Will or Trust? When was the last time it was reviewed? Was it drafted by an Elder Law Attorney?  How do they plan on paying for long term care? Medicare pays limited amounts and unless you are very wealthy, self insuring is unrealistic.  Let your members know there may still be options, even if they have been turned down for long term care insurance!  These issues will eventually affect everyone in one form or another, unfortunately nobody is safe.  This is what we call the Elder Care Journey. And unfortunately, they may not be as protected as they think!

Valuable offer:

As we believe the 3 Most Important Documents are crucial in this day and age, we review Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA releases for FREE! We can make sure they have the powerful wording that they will need to be useful during a crisis or emergency situation.