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Trust and Probate Administration
Our services include, assisting the Personal Representative of an Estate that must be in Probate, and a Trustee, where a trust exists, in the steps needed after the death of the owner of the Estate or the Creator of a Trust. We can assist with:
  • Creating the required initial inventories of all assets and debts that must be prepared
  • Filing of any Federal Estate returns and any Income Tax returns, federal and state
  • Making sure that the Personal Representative/Trustee is notified in advance of all IRS, Probate Court, statutory, and other deadlines and the dates that actions are required, whether under the Missouri Uniform Trust Act or by the terms of the Last Will and Testament or the Trust itself
  • Assisting with the monthly statements
  • Gathering, and if necessary selling assets
  • Evaluating which debts should and should not be paid
  • Distributing the assets of the Probate Estate or the Trust to the heirs or beneficiaries


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