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Asset Protection

Our goal is to give our clients the best financial and care benefit by making sure all of your “ducks are in a row.”  Because we are your trustworthy guide through the Elder Care Journey, you will also experience peace of mind once you have everything in place.

At Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning, we are committed to lessening these burdens and alleviating these fears.  We will show you the techniques and strategies, legally and ethically, available to take advantage of the financial help the system offers and avoid the traps and pitfalls that leave you needlessly penniless.
The bottom line is that you don’t have to go broke in a nursing home.  The law allows people to keep their homes and most of their money– if they know how.  But it is critical to have the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable Elder Law Attorney.
Asset preservation and financial planning are the focus of Elder Law. A successful Long Term Care Plan not only ensures the orderly distribution of your property upon your death, but also encompasses what happens if you don’t die, but get sick and need long-term care.  The goal is to take steps to preserve your financial independence for as long as possible and to appoint an advocate in case of your incapacity.  We also assist clients in planning for the huge financial cost of possible long-term care needs, including in home and nursing home care.
Asset protection may be the first thing people think of when they think about Elder Law.  We agree that it is a significant part of what we do.  However, our philosophy is that “quality of life” and “quality of care” are the most important aspects of Elder Law and is the best reason to do asset protection.
Many people believe that Medicare will pay for their nursing home care; but it doesn’t pay for custodial care.  Medicare only “cares” if you have had an injury or illness and you then go to a nursing home to get better. Medicare will only pay 100% of the cost of care in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) for twenty (20) days.  Medicare will help pay for days 21 – 100, but with a steep co-pay.  At that point you either have Long Term Care Insurance to help pay for the cost or “private pay” (pay from your own money).
Without proper planning, people can spend almost all of their hard earned money they worked for all of their life.
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