Date and Time:

Tuesday, Nov 13 2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  Having a powerful Estate Plan is the key to protecting you, your family and your money!

Want to take care of yourself and your family? Make sure your estate planning documents have the right language to get you and your spouse  through The Elder Care Journey!Estate Planning Nest Egg

How can an estate plan keep you from going broke in a nursing home?  Without the ability to handle all of our assets your family may not have a choice but to spend all of your money on a nursing home.  Creating a plan that not only takes you through your Elder Care Journey but also protects your spouse after you pass is the key to an effect plan once you turn 65 or older.

At this FREE, educational, NO OBLIGATION workshop you will learn:

  • No one has to spend down to $1999 to get help for paying for nursing home care,
  • Avoid having your life-savings wiped out by a nursing home,
  • Exactly how Medicaid has become the long-term care provider for the middle class,
  • Why a general estate planning Power of Attorney is NOT POWERFUL enough,
  • Can the nursing home or state take your home,
  • What Medicaid will not pay for, and what it will not,
  • Beneficiary Deeds do NOT protect your house, and more!

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