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Estate Planning 101

We all think that we have all the time in the world to get our “Ducks in a Row.” The honest truth is that we have no idea how much time we have. It is in our best interest to have a plan in place for what happens when we die, or even worse, if we don’t die but are unable to care for ourselves? In the video below Dana will walk you through the basics of Estate Planning and why it is critical that we do it now versus later!

We can provide all of the videos in the world on estate planning, but it remains true that everyone’s individual situation is unique, and there are A LOT of factors that determine which approach to estate planning is the best for some one.  By far, the best approach is coming in for a FREE consultation with us.  There is NO OBLIGATION when you come in, and we promise that we are nothing like a normal attorney’s office.  CLICK HERE to request an initial conference today!

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